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Please start by selecting one of the four services we offer:


1. Homemade Recipes for healthy pets

 Use our interactive online tool to create and download homemade recipes for your healthy cat or dog.

2. Nutrition Consults for pets with medical conditions

We specialize in making sound dietary and nutritional recommendations for dogs and cats with medical conditions.

3. Nutrition Library

Visit this section to learn more on specific nutritional topics of interest to pet owners.

4. Ask the Veterinary Nutritionist

Do you have a question about feeding your pet? Explore using key words our responses or ask your own question!

Who are we?
We are veterinarians with extensive nutritional training, experience and expertise beholden to no pet food company. We specialize in formulating strategically appropriate dietary recommendations for dogs and cats with medical conditions. Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc. provides independent consulting to pet owners and veterinarians. 
Clients are saying . . .
  • Thank you also for the refreshing straight talk on your informative web site. It is very generous of you to share your expertise, particularly concerning raw diets, supplements, etc. etc. Canine nutrition can be very confusing for a consumer and you deliver the facts in a concise and unbiased way.
  • Donald and Susan
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