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Welcome to PetDiets!

We are veterinarians with extensive training, experience and expertise in the area of pet nutrition.  We provide customized recipes for healthy pets, independent nutrition consultations for pets with medical conditions, and and an extensive library of nutrition information for pet owners.  Our consultation services are available to both pet owners and veterinarians.

We are not owned or supported by any pet food company, and do not have products to sell.

We provide patient specific nutritional information that is in the best interest of your pet. Individualized dietary recommendations is what we love to do and do it well!

Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc.
1002 Capps Farm Rd
Hollister, NC 27844-9200

Phone: 252.257.1959
Fax: 800.649.2043

VNC - the first of its kind and going strong with 25 years of experience.

Established in 1989 by Dr. Rebecca L. Remillard, Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc. is an independent consulting service for professionals in the practice of veterinary medicine and individual pet owners seeking  nutritional advice. VNC has owned and operated the web site PetDiets.com since 2000, allowing pet owners and veterinarians to quickly and easily request a nutrition consult for their pet or patient.

In placing the pet's nutritional health first, VNC draws upon a vast number of products, supplements, and services available to the pet owner. We have the unique opportunity to link the pet owner with current scientific knowledge on nutrition and 20+ yrs of clinical experience for the betterment of their pet and the bond between them.

We offer independent advice and expertise that brings together the science of nutrition with the art of clinical practice.

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"I've just discovered your website via mention in "Catnip," a veterinary newsletter I receive. I assumed you'd promote homemade/holistic-type advice, but am very impressed with your unbiased point of view!" -Jackie