Types of Nutritional Recommendations

  1. You may only want a list of commercial product recommendations for the pet. The letter of recommendation will include a list of specific named product(s), sorted by the most important dietary features for your pet's medical condition(s) and our reason(s) for suggesting those products. This list will be the best possible commercial products available based on your pet's medical conditions therefore, products in the list may not meet of all your personal (lifestyle) criteria.
  2. You may only want a homemade diet formulated specifically for a pet or you are currently feeding a homemade diet and want to know if it is complete and balanced, and appropriate for the pet's condition. The letter of recommendation will include a recipe on the amount of each food ingredient to feed the pet per day. The recommendations also include specific and easily obtained nutritional supplement(s). We also provide information on the preparation and storage of the food, monitoring of the pet and veterinary instructions. All diet recipes are guaranteed to be nutritionally complete and balanced according to current scientific information and our clinical experience.
  3. You may want both types of recommendations, i.e., a list of commercial options and a homemade diet formulation.
You will have the opportunity in the consult request form to let us know which option you are seeking.