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In a recent study of 200 homemade diet recipes for adult dogs available from the internet and books, only 5 (3%) were nutritionally balanced, and those 5 were formulated by veterinarians with advanced training in nutrition.

In this section, we invite you to use our interactive online tool to create homemade diets for your healthy cat or dog. Recipes are available for downloading immediately after payment and will remain in your account if you should need another copy in the future.   Click here to see a Sample Diet.

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Pet Requirements:

  • Your pet is between 1 and 15 years old
  • Your pet is neutered. If your pet is not neutered you may still use our recipes but may need to feed 10-20% more per day to maintain proper body weight.
  • Your pet is within an ideal body weight range and body condition score (BCS 4/9 to 6/9). See Body Condition Chart
  • Your pet has no health problems.
If you are not certain about your pet meeting these requirements, please 'contact us' and a veterinarian will help you make this decision.
All our recipes for healthy dogs and cats use vitamin and mineral products that are "all-in-one supplements" designed specifically for canine and feline homemade diets. The majority of supplements sold to pet owners are not designed to complete a homemade diet but simply as a 'healthy' treat. We do NOT sell the supplements we recommend. We find using the products we do recommend makes it relatively easier and, in the long run, less expensive for you, and greatly improves the delivery of a balanced daily intake of essential nutrients in the smallest amount possible.

   How are prices for recipes calculated?   
The first diet is $25. All subsequent diets ordered for the same species, e.g., same cat or dog, cost $12 each. To receive this reduced rate, you must purchase all the diets in the same transaction. If you would like more than one diet, select the "continue shopping" button. Please understand this is a service, not a product, and once you have downloaded the recipe we cannot refund the fee.

 Create Your Homemade Diet
What our clients are saying ...
  • Thanks to Dr. Remillard for such a quick and thorough response.
  • Joyce
  • I so appreciate your efforts and the diet has been a true success.
  • Donna
  • You offer a tremendous service and there is a wealth of information to be gleaned from your site. I am constantly recommending that pet owners stop here to get their nutrition questions answered with concise, science-based accuracy. THANK YOU.
  • Dr. K T Horner
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