Nutritional Consultation for Pet Owners

Our Expertise:

We specialize in making sound dietary and nutritional recommendations for dogs and cats with medical conditions. Your pet may be sick and not eating the recommended diet well. Your pet may have more than one medical condition for which there is no single best commercial pet food. We make recommendations and formulate diets based on current principles of dietary management and the pets' food preferences. We offer choices based on the known current scientific literature and our clinical experience.

This is a Nutritional Consultation through your primary care Veterinarian:

Your primary care veterinarian as a vital partner in the care of your pet. Legally, we must work through your veterinarian because we do not have a primary doctor/patient/client relationship with you. We work as a specialty consultant to your veterinarian. Our recommendations will be sent directly to your veterinarian for review and you will be notified by us when the information has been sent to his or her office.

Client Education:

We also consider client education an important part of our mission and service. We provide you with the most current information specific to your pets’ medical condition(s) in an understandable prose written specifically for pet owners. Most pets only need one nutritional formulation (one recipe) however, food substitutions are offered when appropriate.
Dietary requests for individual patients are what we do best.  Click Here for Types of Nutritional Recommendations

Dietary Recommendations:

We send our written recommendations to your veterinarian for review. You will be asked to provide this contact information. We will complete our recommendations generally within 7 business days of receiving confirming medical information from your veterinarian. Our charge for a personalized Nutritional Consultation is $250 for your first pet. We will complete the request within 48 hrs of receiving the medical records for an additional $50 "stat" fee. Please 'contact us' if you are interested in using the 'stat' fee.

If you have more than one pet in the same household, the consult fee is $50 to recalculate daily intakes for that second pet IF the same recipe is appropriate. The fee for a second pet in the same household needing a different recipe is $150. Most times, we can design one recipe that accommodates more than one dog or cat in the household.
This fee covers product research, review of medical information and a diet formulation. It also covers ALL questions you may have about our diet recommendations. Food substitutions are always offered if appropriate. Please understand there is an additional charge of $100 to reformulate another homemade diet if you should later request a specific change in ingredients, foods or supplements that were not previously specified or if the pet should develop another medical condition.